Having a regular check up for your health, you can prevent a minor problem from becoming major one.

Check-Up is an investment in one’s own health. By means of regular check-up, a disease can be controlled at an early stage.

Check -up: The meaning of the word is general screening.
Even if you do not have any illnesses, it is advised to have check up for early diagnosis and control. “Check-up”, called “Personal Health Screening” or “Periodic General Health Check”,
is a health screening that everyone should take regularly once a year for early diagnosis and treatment of possible health risks without any health problems. Depending on age groups and gender, check-up packages may vary. Cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure values ​​are important in young people.

How Often And To Whom Is Check-up Done?

It is recommended that Check-Up, in other words, general health care, should be done to everyone who have no complaints or illness regularly at least once a year. The recommended time to repeat application may vary depending on familial risk factors (cancer, coronary artery disease etc.). Application for investigation purposes is not recommended during pregnancy and in patients with existing health problems.

Why Should You Have Check-Up?

  • If you want to have a long and healthy life model,
  • If you can’t take time for your health in a busy life,
  • If the common diseases in your family are making you anxious, you should have check-up immediately.

Depending on the age, the followings can be determined by check-up programs in general: cholesterol (fat in blood), diabetes (diabetes), hypertension, heart and coronary diseases, lung diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases due to infectious hepatitis virus, lung cancer, large bowel cancer, liver cancer, pancreas cancer, bladder cancers, prostate cancer in men, breast cancer in women, uterus and cervical cancer, osteolysis and some blood diseases.


The check-up process of the patient who comes on an empty stomach in the morning is started with the accompany of a check-up advisor. The diagnosis is finalized with the physical findings to be obtained at the physician’s examination, laboratory tests to be performed and by means of the advanced medical imaging methods such as radiology examinations, ultrasonography.

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