In Spring 2010, our company, which has been in the healthcare sector for many years, became an exciting scene for a start up in İzmir: It has been a great source of pride for us to have included the private Özel Çankaya Tıp Merkezi on Gazi Boulevard which is one of the most beautiful and central points of İzmir.

We are proud to have private Çankaya Tıp Merkezi restructured in a short period of time, rising on an area that many medical centers cannot even imagine in terms of physical capacity, that has a 5-storey building, 2 operating rooms and that provides service in 18 branches.

At this point, what we have put excessive emphasis on the importance of creating the staff of medical doctors and other administrative personnel that would walk to the same goal with us. We have also reached this goal within a short period of time by establishing a dynamic staff of medical doctors, each of whom is competent in their own fields at the same time.

In addition, knowing that technological equipment is also important, we have also introduced new medical devices to raise the standards of service. An important example of our technology investments that we are proud of is to introduce the “MR device (2018 Model – Silent and Fast)”, which is not available in any medical center in our city.

With the commitment to ethical values ​​and patient-centered approach that we implanted in all of our employees, we will try to provide better health care services to the public every passing day…