Hemogram (Examination of anemia, blood diseases and blood cells)
Preprandial blood glucose (Diagnosis of diabetes)
HBA1c (Diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes)
ALT (Liver function test)
AST (Liver function test)
ALP (Diagnosis and monitoring of liver, bone diseases)
GGT (Liver function test)
URE (Kidney function test)
Creatinine (Kidney function test)
Uric Acid (Diagnosis of protein metabolism and gout disease)
CRP (Diagnosis of infectious diseases)
Folic Acid (Diagnosis of Anemia and some metabolic diseases)
Total Urine Analysis (Diagnosis of kidney and urinary tract diseases)
HbsAg (Diagnosis of hepatitis-B disease and disease carrier status)
Antic-HIV (Diagnosis and monitoring of Aids disease)
Iron (Diagnosis of blood and iron metabolism diseases)
Iron Binding Capacity (Diagnosis of blood and iron metabolism disease
Ferritin (Diagnosis of blood and iron metabolism diseases)
Calcium (Diagnosis and monitoring of bone and calcium metabolism)
Sedimentation (Diagnosis and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases)
Total Cholesterol (Measurement of fat ratios in the body)
HDL Cholesterol (High density lipoprotein)
LDL Cholesterol (Low density lipoprotein)
Triglyceride (Cholesterol measurement)
THS (Diagnosis and monitoring of thyroid diseases and functions)
FT4 (Diagnosis of the thyroid and goitre diseases)
Vitamin B12 (Diagnosis of anemia and some nervous system disorders)
CEA (General cancer screening and diagnosis)
PSA Total (A test for screening prostate cancer in men.)


Lung Graphy
Total abdominal ultrasonography (screening by specialist radiologist to identify diseases and anomalies in the abdominal organs (such as kidney, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, ovaries, uterus, prostate, lymph nodes and large vessels)


Electrocardiogram (Detection of cardiac rhythm irregularities).
Echocardiography (Evaluation of cardiac function guided by ultrasound)


Evaluation of the Cardiology Specialist
Evaluation of the Internal Diseases Specialist